Born from a passion and love of wine, The Wine Poor Distribution was founded in 2015. Many of our business partnerships were started on friendships and have since expanded into a familial bond that just so happens to sell wine together, and with powerful encouragement from winery partners we launched this company with an eye to the future and one that we take in earnest, just like the wines in our portfolio. Our extensive background in other distribution models allowed us a road map to begin this exciting adventure into the wine industry and one that is proving successful. 

Finding and sourcing up and coming superstar wineries in the making has long been a source of pride and excitement as hobbyists and now as Michigan distributors. Our goals are simple, we want to bring in great boutique wines and sell them to people who enjoy great wine. We take our wine seriously and deliver only the highest quality brands into the marketplace. Simply put: If we would put the wine in our personal cellar, we put it in our book. 

While we are a small distributor, our palette is refined and has tasted the finest wines in the world. We know what to expect from a fantastic bottle and we know how to place that wine and where to place it. TWP Distribution is located conveniently in Walled Lake in the heart of Oakland County Michigan. We are fortunate to have access to fantastic wine shops, restaurants and country clubs in a very affluent area. Our team is small and focused and never wants to see a brand lost amongst many, which allows us the opportunity to best place your brands locally while protecting brand equity.