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The philosophy of Corino is based on a few fundamental principles: great care for the work in the vineyards to obtain high quality wines while keeping their character and respecting the nature that surrounds us.   

The process starts with reducing the yield of the vine by pruning twice during the summer months so as to carefully select the bunches, this way the remaining grapes reach perfect ripeness and balance and a resulting superior quality. A further selection is made during the harvest where the grapes are picked exclusively by hand, as is most of the work in the vineyard.

They are constantly looking for the right balance between modernity and tradition: Both the maceration and alcoholic fermentation processes take place in rotary fermenters at controlled temperatures, processes which happen spontaneously, without adding any yeast. Ageing in wood is done using small French oak barrels. They do not filter nor clarify their wines, they are just naturally decanted following their true nature.

Winemaker - Giuliano Corino